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Miércoles, 19 de Febrero de 2020



Wesley So won his second consecutive Magistral de León , and did so after going through a lot of trouble with the very young Indian prodigy Parggnanandhaa, a.k.a “Pragg”, and going behind on the scoreboard during the final against our Spanish number 1, Francisco "Paco" Vallejo .

But a world’s top player is made of sterner stuff, Wesley knew how to resist in difficult situations and took advantage of his options better than his opponents.
The semifinals and the final of this edition can be described with a single word, UNCERTAINTY, nothing was clear until the last moment, a different result could have been perfectly possible, in fact, a final between the two younger and theoretically weaker players was outlined in the horizon for many hours of this XXXI Magistral de León. Jaime Santos had into his hands the possibility to eliminate Paco Vallejo, if in the last game of the duel, Jaime had not "believed" his opponent and had taken the tower that was offered to him, the match would have finished 3-1 for Jaime and he would have passed to the final. But Jaime ,after suffering a great deal during the whole game (he only needed a draw to go to the final), did not realize the monumental error of his rival, who won easily with a much less spectacular play. An example of mutual blindness that astonished the spectators, from all over the world, who were following the confrontation. A hard blow for Jaime, but also, and that may be more important, the realization that his game is at the level of the best.
Wesley So also got off the hook against “Pragg”. After surprisingly losing the first game of the duel, he allowed in the second a simple winning combination, that his rival, (a first class tactician), did not see! Fortunately for the American, because if “Pragg” had been successful, the match would have been 2-0 and Wesley would have had to win the last two games to tie, without being able to afford a different result.
The development of this year's Magistral shows that the heterogeneous formula of the tournament provides much more excitement and uncertainty to the public than the many times predictable and too technical tournaments where only the top of the world ranking compete.
Another incentive that is consolidated year after year, is the International  Open Magistral de León, 100 players took part in this third edition and the victory was for the Spanish-Serbian Grand Master, Aleksa Strikovic. Masters, strong fans, young promises and many children competed in this edition and, at the same time, they could follow the games of the stars of the Magistral. By the way, Carlos Aso, CEO of Andbank, fought hard on the boards of the Open and was able to devote a little of his spare time to his chess hobby.
And so between multiple activities, tournaments for all ages and excitement during the games of the stars of the science-game, we came to the end of this XXXI edition of the Magistral de León. On Monday July 9 the curtain of this edition was lowered with the closing ceremony and the subsequent simultaneous games of the winner at the University of León. The lights went out on the stage of the Auditorium and the boards stopped until next year, we all took home the emotions experienced during these days and from now on we will be attentive to the news that will emerge about the XXXII edition of our favorite tournament.
See you next year